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  1. Sept. 22nd 2018 Casino NB

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    JAHA, the 8th creation of Les Productions FUSION Productions and home to the keepers of time. In JAHA, the delicate clockwork that governs time has been disrupted. The inhabitants of this strange dimension are trapped in an endless loop of time's passing and must seek their lost numbers from beyond the colorful realm of dreams to restore their now chaotic existence to the peaceful, balanced world they once knew. Join SARAH on her quest to conquer her fears as she traverses before your very eyes from nightmares to the portal of infinite colors and into the realm of JAHA. Cocktail reception starts at 6:30pm. Show starts promptly at 8:00pm
  2. Aug. 14th 2018 7-8 pm
    ACOUSTICA - Melanie Richard

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    Come join me for an intimate concert in Victoria Park August 14th 2018, from 7 to 8 pm. Part of the FREE Acoustica series through the City of Come join me for an intimate concert in Victoria Park August 14th 2018, from 7 to 8 pm. Part of the FREE Acoustica series through the City of Moncton. Venez me joindre pour un concert intime au parc Victoria le 14 août 2018 de 19h à 20h. GRATUIT, dans le cadre de la série de concerts Acoustica offert par la ville de Moncton.
  3. Sept 24 2016

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    Welcome to TUUKO, the 6th creation of Les Productions FUSION Productions taken place on September 24, 2016 at Casino NB and presented by RBC Wealth Management. TUUKO is a place billions of light years from earth, where the inhabitants live happily under the watchful Eye of Tuuko, guardian spirit of their planet. One day, Dark Invaders descend on the village and darken the Eye of Tuuko. Join our heroine, Abrielle as she sets out on a quest to unite the four ‘Speakers’ in beautiful harmony to awaken the Eye and bring light back to Tuuko – along with its twin planet … The Earth!

Biography // Biographie

At a young age, Mélanie Richard found her “Happy Place”; she loved to sing and that’s all she wanted to do. At the age of nine, she begged her parents for voice lessons. Learning her voice was her instrument, she practiced and became very comfortable. Her passion for singing soon led her to take part in musicals, where she enjoyed adding theatrics to the songs she performed. Mélanie has performed at countless school functions and fundraisers. She has sung our National Anthem at many sport events in the City of Moncton; including High School, Université de Moncton, the Moncton Magic (National Basketball League of Canada) and in front of thousands of hockey fans at the Moncton Wildcats of the QMJHL. At only thirteen years old, Mélanie achieved her biggest accomplishment to date, winning 2nd place in her first ever competition: the 2015 edition of Maritime Idol. In September of 2016, she performed at Casino NB as one of the 4 main characters in Matt LeBlanc’s art exhibition named TUUKO. August 2018, she was showcased in the Acoustica series through the City of Moncton.
With her pure voice and refreshing sound, Mélanie dreams of being a Professional singer someday. Perhaps someday her dream will come true…

Très jeune, Mélanie Richard adorait chanter et voulait y consacrer sa vie. Dès l’âge de 9 ans, elle supplie ses parents de lui faire suivre des cours de chant. La jeune fille apprend ainsi à maîtriser ses cordes vocales et pratique sans relâche jusqu’à devenir à l’aise. Sa passion du chant la conduit rapidement à faire partie de comédies musicales où elle prend plaisir à jumeler le théâtre aux chansons qu’elle interprète. Mélanie a participé à de nombreux événements dans les écoles et à de nombreuses collectes de fonds. Elle a chanté l’hymne national lors d’un grand nombre d’événements sportifs à Moncton, notamment à l’école secondaire, à l’Université de Moncton, le Moncton Magic (National Basketball League of Canada) et devant des milliers de partisans de l’équipe de hockey de Moncton de la LHJMQ, les Wildcats. Âgée de seulement 13 ans, Mélanie a concrétisé son plus grand rêve jusqu’à maintenant, soit celui de remporter la deuxième place lors de l’édition 2015 du concours Maritime Idol, son tout premier concours de chant. En septembre 2016, elle était l’un des quatre personnages principaux du spectacle de Matt LeBlanc, intitulée TUUKO, présenté au Casino Nouveau-Brunswick. En août 2018 elle faisait partie de la série Acoustica présenté par la ville de Moncton.
Grâce à sa voix pure et cristalline, Mélanie rêve de devenir chanteuse professionnelle. Son rêve pourrait bien un jour se réaliser...

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